6th May 2016

Eureka Gold Sands cares about our brothers and sisters in Fort McMurray, Alberta! Through the generous support of our Facebook Group, "Worldwide Paydirt Reviews" & Donations of all profits for a day from paydirt (and other purchases made from we were able to raise $1310. We donated this to the Alberta Red Cross Fire Relief Fund. Our donation was matched by both the Canadian Federal Government & Provincial Government of Alberta, increasing the total to $3930, in aid for the fire victims. We wish to thank our members from all around the world for your generous support!

28th April 2016

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21st April 2016

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18th Jan 2016

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Will Grice ~ 3-stageGold Cube
Lori Allred  ~  1oz. Gold Bar
Kyle Marler ~ 1.35g Nugget
Cynthia Chantel ~ 1.1g Nugget
 Janet Torgersen ~ 1g 12 mesh Gold
Barry MacPhee ~ 3lb. Semi-Rich bag
 Rob Ayotte ~ 1/2 lb. Ultra-Rich
Lori Allred ~ 1lb. Autographed Bag of Regular Mix
 Connie Cavazos ~ Basket of Paydirt
 Ronnie McCoy ~ 2.05g Nugget
Robert Berthold ~ 1.54g Nugget
Theode Scott ~ 1lb. Reg. Mix
Gene Ingram ~ 1lb. Reg. Mix
Frank Davis ~ 1/4 lb. Bag
 Ken Meeks ~ 1/4 lb. Bag
 Ken Meeks ~ 1/4 lb. Bag
 Ryan Small ~ 1/4 lb. Bag
 Tony Smo ~ 1/4 lb. Bag
Norman Lundgren ~ Signed Book 
Robert Berthold ~ Signed Book 
Bryson Dick ~ Signed Book
Jay Harris ~ Signed Book
Ben Shears ~ Signed Book 
Heath Dycus ~ Signed Book 
Tim Hathaway ~ Signed Book
John Bell ~ Signed Book
Glenn Sliva ~ Signed Book
Jason Clark ~ Signed Book
Ronnie McCoy ~ 5 x 1 lb. Bag Reg. Mix & Beginners Set
Kathleen Flanagan ~ 49er's Rich Mix
Heath Dycus ~ 1.34g Nugget
Rashall Wiscarson ~ .84g Nugget
Greg Willis ~ 2 Small Gem Bags