Gold Buy-Back Program

We pay 80% of spot (on the day your raw gold is received) toward new pay-dirt purchases.

We will accept ANY raw gold. However, we prefer you send us gold from Eureka Gold Sands, because we know the purity of Eureka Gold Sands raw gold.

We will test your gold to make sure it matches what we offer our customers. 

Jewelry, gold fillings, refined, scrap, and/or smelted gold will NOT be accepted.



1. Weigh your raw gold.

2. Print and Fill out Gold Buy-Back Program Form 

3. Send us your raw gold via an insured carrier, with your return address on the package.

4. Include your shipping address & a note, saying "Please send back pay-dirt!" 

This is an easy way to keep the fun rolling! No complicated rules! 

Just follow our easy steps & you get new unsearched pay-dirt.

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